Best Productivity Books

These are the best productivity books to help you learn how to get more done in the time you have each day.

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“The Fringe Hours” by Jessica Turner

If you end your days feeling like you do nothing for yourself, please read this book. Yes, life is busy. No, that doesn’t mean you need to push your own needs aside. Turner will help you take back pockets of time to practice self-care and do what you love. Get inspired to better balance your responsibilities AND invest in yourself. And don’t worry, she will also help you with the guilt you may feel when prioritizing your own needs. | View book

“168 Hours” by Laura Vanderkam

I bet you have more time than you think. Don’t believe me? Get this book. Vanderkam challenges you to reexamine how you spend your time. And uncover hours you didn’t know you have. This book can help you exam and prioritize time so you can finally get enough sleep, exercise, have a hobby, spend time with family, do your work, and more. | View book

“Essentialism” by Greg McKeown

If you feel stretched too thin, busy but not productive, or generally overloaded, this book is for you. This isn’t a time-management or productivity technique. It’s a systems change for deciding what’s essential, and eliminating everything else. Consider the pursuit of less as a way to have more of what you really want. | View book

“Do Less” by Kate Northrup

Most productivity books are written by men, for men. This one realizes working women and moms have different experiences. It’s a practical and spiritual guide to having more by doing less. Are you ready to release the belief that your worth is equal to your productivity? Would you like to create a personal and professional life based on presence, meaning, and joy? Learn how doing less can actually help you have, and be, more. | View book

“Deep Work” by Cal Newport

Develop focus and resist distractions to move closer to your most important goals. If that appeals to you, then you’ll love this book. Work that requires intense concentration is important and difficult. And Newport shows how it can be part of your life. He shares tips for training your mental muscle by eliminating distractions. | View book

“The One Thing” by Gary Keller

This book is a #1 bestseller for a reason. It gives you tricks to cut through the clutter, achieve better results in less time, dial down stress, and master what matters to you. It’s not about doing more. It’s about doing what matters most and doing it better. When it comes to productivity, this book will help you see that less is more. | View book

“Chillpreneur” by Denise Duffield-Thomas

Make twice as much money with half the work by embracing this millionaire mom’s counterintuitive advice about productivity and building a business. No blood, sweat or tears necessary! This book helps entrepreneurs incorporate key concepts that enable them to work less and earn more. | View book